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The Biggest Threat to our future? 

Thinking that someone else will lead,
that someone else will solve the climate crisis.

A student in a blue plaid romper speaks into a microphone standing on a stage with a poster of a planet behind her.
A group of students sit in a circle with a young person in the center in a yellow shirt.

How will you lead? 

Teachers, Students, Community Leaders, Administrators, Staff, Faith Leaders. Start a conversation, in your classroom, school, neighborhood, faith institution, community…

Worldwide Climate Education Week is a global initiative sparking dialogue around climate and justice on campuses and in communities around the world. Join us April 7-13, 2025. 

Climate Justice requires all of us. Not just climate experts, but everyone, no matter your discipline. Artists, historians, chemists, economists, whatever your profession, we all need to start talking about climate solutions. 

Together we are planting the seeds for solutions in our communities, one conversation at a time. 

On the left is a logo of a hand holding a plant with 3 leaves in front of an atlas. On the right reads the brands name.

Our 2024 map of events and classes.

START A Conversation

Make Climate A Class

Turn any class into a climate conversation by spending 30 minutes talking about the intersections of your topic and climate change. 

Make Climate An Event

Host a 3 hour Teach-In, a 1 hour panel. or a full day of activities! We have resources to help you plan a variety of events. 

Our 2023 Impact

On the left is a plant with 3 leaves above "165 Events" in the middle is a ring of people holding hands around "60000 Partici
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