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Make Climate a class

Any educator can make climate a class and inspire their students to use the skills of their profession to advance climate justice! Our partners have resources for teachers in all subject areas to engage with climate solutions. Dedicating one class period to showing how your field contributes to climate solutions is the first step to prepare youth to be climate leaders.

To help your students to move from climate despair to climate repair, take the pledge and #MakeClimateAClass with us! 

Explore resources, class guides, and inspiration from prior years below. 


Class Examples


Teacher Vesta Namiranianbe read the book, "We are Water Protectors,” to her 3rd grade dual-language Spanish class. The students were then tasked with analyzing the symbolism portrayed in the story, which sparked a conversation about the impact of the "black snake" and oil pipelines on historically marginalized communities.


Class Planning Resources

We are grateful to have a network of partners who create, manage, and organize classroom guides,  lesson plans, and class activities. 

Students pay more attention and learn more when they have great interest in the subject matter. We invite educators to explore lesson plans, classroom activities, educational games, films, short plays and other curricular materials created and curated by our trusted partners.


Please check out Write the World's writing contest for students to submit to. 


Lastly, we also have a library of climate games and some select climate plays that can make for an exciting class session. 


We hope the various databases and libraries below make your planning easy! 

Ready to Pledge? 

Put your class on the map, and pledge to dedicate 30 minutes to talking about climate solutions this World Wide Climate Education Week! 

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