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Every year we host a variety of webinars, events, and speakers to inspire and engage educators. These videos can serve as class sessions for your own students, inspiration for you, or even as screenings. 

Our Power Dialogs and Global Dialogs playlists are especially well designed to offer students a global perspective on climate and justice. 

Visit our Youtube Channel or click the playlist images below to explore content from the last 4 years. 

2024 Webinars

A collection of speakers and partners hosted by Co-Directors David and Eban. 

Guests including Bill McKibben and partner programs like Subject To Climate and The Week. 

2023 Webinars

Recordings and presentations on events from across the world. Explore how events were planned, what they did, and their outcomes in the community. 

2022 Webinars

Intro videos explaining the program in variety of languages including; Chinese, Arabic, French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, and African English. 

2021 Webinars

Our Global Dialogs series invited speakers from around the world to prepare presentations on Climate & Justice.


This collection of webinars and speakers serves as a library of information, perfect for a class session or screening. 

2020 Webinars

Our Power Dialogs is a a series of live seminars where local speakers discuss solutions to climate change and climate justice

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