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Our Program

Solve Climate 2030 organized Worldwide Climate and Justice Education Week, a distributed global event April 1-8, 2024.  Educators registered their events or classroom activities, shown on our interactive map.


Our work generated more than 125 educational events and more than 300 classes about climate change, climate solutions and climate justice at universities and colleges secondary and primary schools, professional and community organizations and others in more than 40 nations, collectively reaching more than 40,000 participants.  These teach-ins ranged from one hour to one week and were held in person, virtually and in hybrid formats. They involved students, teachers, government officials, community organizers and activists, faith leaders, lawyers, policymakers and many others.  Participants included artists, actors, musicians, scientists, engineers, architects, historians, health professionals and scholars from essentially all scholarly and practitioner endeavors. Organizers included students, educators, sustainability and other professionals.


We developed classroom models - #MakeClimateAClass and #Co-TeachForClimate to accompany our event-based models for teach-ins. We emphasized classroom activities to reach students in many disciplines not typically associated with climate issues and to reach students who would not come to climate education events.


We worked with Subject to Climate, the Earth Day Organization, Learning for a Sustainable Future (Canada) and the National Education Association (US) to create and promote an  Earth Day calendar resource with daily themes and curricular content at 4 levels of education for each day in April. Educators used these sources for approximately 16,000 sessions across all 4 guides and about 2,200 sessions on the Earth Day calendar resource.


We worked with regional partners to promote the teach-in in Latin America and the Caribbean, Canada, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and Asia

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Impact Reports - 2024

Impact Reports - 2022-2023

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